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The new album by Yaroslav Likhachev Quartet.
 June 17, 2022 on Clean Feed Records.



The debut album of Yaroslav Likhachev Quartet


Released April 16, 2020 on 

Tracklist & Credits

1 November Tune 
2 The Fifth Mode 
3 Ballad For Eli
4 Crumbling
5 He Must Go, And He Goes
6 Sicilian Flower
7 U74
8 Traceless Rails, Traceless Waters


Yaroslav Likhachev tenor saxophone
Yannis Anft piano
Conrad Noll bass
Moritz Baranczyk drums

All compositions by Yaroslav Likhachev
recorded and mixed/mastered
by Reinhard Kobialka at Topaz Audio
Studios, Cologne, Germany
(March 29/30, 2019)
Cover Art by Katharina Huber
Band Photo by Vittoria Quartararo
Graphic Design by Alexander Schmid

"...the musical rapport developed between its members is founded on a depth of artistic communication that is quite fascinating to observe.

Managing to transform the bebop language into new forms of expression, Likhachev’s bracingly fresh debut is strongly recommended."

- Filipe Freitas, JazzTrail

"...Likhachev, along with the equally tenacious pianist Yannis Anft, teamed with bassist Conrad Noll's existential investigations of indigo and boundary, and drummer Moritz Baranczyk's ghost beats and whispers, frame the saxophonist's eight spacious compositions as all inclusive conversations. Between players. Between listeners. Between time and space."

- Mike Jurkovic, AllAboutJazz

"This is a strong set that creeps up and catches you off guard. Interesting themes that veer away from the formulaic theme-solos-theme, Likhachev likes to keep the music moving and fresh, and this he certainly manages to do in this arresting debut album."

- Nick Lea, JAZZViews

"These views of modern jazz, expanded by the achievements of the avant-garde, the finely chiselled dramaturgies of the pieces and the beautiful, very soulful ballads are the salient features of this programme, resulting in an overall successful, very imaginative and compelling debut."

- Benno Bartsch, Jazzpodium

"The four musicians are true virtuosos, who selflessly playing together."
- Jeroen de Valk, JazzFlits

"...analyzing the traditional jazz idioms, Yaroslav disassembles them into bricks-atoms, from which grows, synthesizes his own music, in his own individual jazz language."
- Leonid Auskern,

"Likhachev displays some very fine chops on Crumbling."

- Maurice Hogue, One Man's Jazz

"...Likhachev makes an engaging statement with his debut album. He braces bebop roots & turns them into modern rhythmic entertainment. Edgy minimalism joins deconstruction by creation as an eclectic bonus!"

- Christos Valtadoros, Jazzismus

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